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Our ScienceMembers

This area focuses on the design of novel functional and high-performance materials through basic and applied chemistry with the aid of advanced characterization facilities. We contribute to society by proposing innovative chemical products and fabrication processes to industries, which are needed for the enriched sustainable society.
Moreover, we aim to foster future researchers and technical experts who have the ability to develop new materials on the basis of design at the atomic and molecular levels with advanced knowledge of chemistry to explore frontiers of materials chemistry.

Programmers and engineers such as engineers who can develop software and build information communication networks, and engineers who can create embedded software

Based on the business strategy, we define the requirements for ICT solutions and systems, optimally combine related technologies, and design the overall architecture.

IT architects and project managers who can build, design and manage development of various information systems, administrative staff and consultants, planners and entrepreneurs of various business scenes

Analyze customer needs and business issues, and use ICT to improve and reform business processes

In order to lead the contracted ICT project to success, define the plan, execution, and results, manage the progress, and lead the people involved as a leader.

Analyze customer needs and create and develop applications, software, products, services, etc.

Staff of international development organizations, international NGOs, and NPOs as human resources capable of solving domestic and international social issues through the use of ICT through ICT for Development

Propose business strategies such as marketing and products, and create new businesses and services using ICT while demonstrating leadership

Investigate and analyze social issues and use ICT to build new social infrastructure

We are actively developing academic agreements and exchanges with various universities in Japan and overseas.

Our Staff Members

ERP consulting, cloud technology, big data, blockchain, AI machine learning, RPA, OCR -AI is a practical ability expert in the field of artificial intelligence, such as deep learning, and a professional team with 40 years of work experience.

Career Design

Design your own career design through learning

Solve the world's problems

Phenomena that accompany the accelerating changes in society

We are in an era where experience and basic knowledge alone are not sufficient.

Practicing on-site “inquiry” necessary for the future

You can't "inquire" just by sitting in front of a computer in your lab. We will actively go out into the field and collaborate with companies and local governments in the various networks that our university has cultivated over many years, while proceeding with research based on PBL (project-based learning).

ICT has made our lives very convenient, but on the other hand, we must be aware that it can also pose a negative threat. Spam emails that plague us on a daily basis, computer viruses that invade computers without permission from the outside, privacy violations, computer crimes, and even cyber terrorism that make use of them can all be dealt with in a wrong way, from small to large scale. It can cause great disaster. The question is how to deal with them.