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作为一家进行世界一流研发的网络型科技研发公司,我们将引领未来的共创创新。我们将通过在英国、加拿大、美国、德国、日本和中国建立和支持基地,开发和提供具有高品质和独特技术的尖端科技产品,开辟繁荣的未来。利用在剑桥大学、麻省理工学院牛津大学、哈佛大学、东京大学、大阪大学等所积累的技术和专有技术,我们一直致力于高质量和原创技术的开发。为提供安全便捷的产品,我们已获得AIoT 5G区块链量子计算XR、AR、VR等DX前沿技术与开发相关的多项专利,并将继续做“ICT公司”ICT领域(主要领域:金融科技、通讯[AR/VR]、安全、媒体内容、大数据、云、物联网/无人机、营销/广告、医疗/保健、机器人、动力/电池、人工智能、企业、教育新能源产业(电池相关)电池(蓄电池,氢)・我们将继续开发和发展(燃料电池等)和电池材料/组件等)。各领域研究开发法人(环境/能源、生命科学、系统/信息科学和技术、纳米技术/材料) 使用尖端技术的硬件/软件开发、演示实验、原型产品的研究/开发/运营/销售,By研究领域(环境/能源、生命科学、系统/信息科学和技术、纳米技术/材料)尖端技术研究开发5个研究领域(集群)“未来社会/未来技术(科学) 5.0 社会实施)”“下一代食物与种植”“环境/能源/再生”“健康/长寿/发展”“知识创造”
As a network-type science and technology R & D corporation that conducts world-class research and development, we will lead ICT companies in future co-creation innovation that promotes SDGs. We will open up a prosperous future by developing and providing cutting-edge science and technology products with high quality and unique technology by creating and supporting bases in the United Kingdom, Canada, US, Germany, Japan, and China together. For our company, whose products are attracting worldwide attention, we are helping to develop products with cutting-edge technology. Utilizing the technology and know-how that has been built up at Cambridge University, MIT University oxford University, Harvard University, Dresden University of Technology, Tokyo University, Osaka University, etc., we have been working on high quality and original technology development. In order to provide safe and convenient products, we have obtained many patents related to DX BioNTech cutting-edge technology and development such as AIoT 5G blockchain quantum computing XR, AR, VR, etc., and will continue to be an "ICT company" ICT area (main area: Fintech, Communication [AR / VR], Security, Media Content, Bigdata, Cloud, IoT / Drone, Marketing / Advertising, Medical Healthcare, Robotics, Power / Battery, AI, Enterprise, Education New Energy Industry (Battery Related) Battery (Battery Related) , Hydrogen, fuel cells, etc.) and battery materials / components, etc.) We will continue to develop and evolve as SDGs business creation and development. Research and development corporation by research field (environment / energy, life science, system / information science and technology, nanotechnology / materials), hardware / software development using cutting-edge technology, demonstration experiments, research / development / operation of prototype products. Sales, cutting-edge technology R & D research field (cluster) "Future society / future technology (social implementation of Society 5.0)" "Next-generation food and planting" "Environment / energy / regeneration" "Health / longevity / development" " Creation of knowledge "e-sports construction DX sports DX, etc.
食物损失 CO2 减排 蛋白质危机 超级老龄化社会/包容性食物体验 劳动力短缺(机器人的使用) 健康饮食 新常态 服务 食品制造 工厂、物流、零售 Smart Agritech
Medical / Life Science, Robot / Mobility / Space DX / Service / Platform Environment / Energy / Social Clean Tech SDGs, etc.

As a network-type science research institute that conducts world-class research and development, we will lead SDGS future co-creation ICT company sustainability innovation. Science and Technology Research and Development Corporation UK, Canada, US, Germany, Japan, China We will create and support our bases together to develop and provide cutting-edge science and technology products with high quality and unique technology, and open up a prosperous future. increase. AI (application of face recognition, deep learning, etc.) IoT 5G blockchain Quantum computing DX biotechnology such as XR, AR, VR Obtained many patents on cutting-edge technology and development, and will continue to utilize cutting-edge technologies such as "ICT companies" We support research and demonstration experiments, plan services and products in new technology areas, and demonstrate concept models. Industry-academia-government collaboration "Connecting cutting-edge technology and business" Research and research in the field of cutting-edge technology System consulting solution service Product solution We support companies that do their best to overcome the corona disaster! New medical technology developed in an integrated project centered on six modalities (pharmaceuticals, medical devices / healthcare, regeneration / cells / gene therapy, genome / data infrastructure, disease basic research, seeds development / research infrastructure), etc. Is effectively deployed for various diseases. In addition, there are six research and development related to the disease fields (cancer, lifestyle-related diseases, psychiatric / neurological diseases, geriatric medicine / dementia, intractable diseases, growth, infectious diseases, etc.) that will be social issues in Japan now and in the future. It is promoted across the integration project under the executive control of the program director (PD) and disease area coordinator (DC) of the integration project. Research Organization of Information and Systems Informatics Research Institute is the only research institute in Japan whose mission is to create future value in the new academic field of informatics. Aiming for basic research from a long-term perspective and solving social issues in a wide range of research fields, from basic theory in informatics to cutting-edge themes such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and information security. We are promoting practical research.

In addition, as a university joint research and development, we will work on the construction and operation of academic information infrastructure that is indispensable for research and educational activities of the entire academic community, including the academic information network infrastructure, and develop businesses such as providing academic content and service platforms. I am developing. Furthermore, by mutually feeding back the knowledge obtained through the business and the knowledge obtained from the academic research, we are conducting academic research that responds to actual issues and businesses that utilize cutting-edge technology.

Through these activities, we strive to develop human resources and contribute to society and internationally, and we also focus on cooperation and cooperation with private companies and various social activities as well as universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas. In addition, we are also engaged in graduate school education aimed at promoting original and international academic research and developing leading academic fields.

In order to support a wide range of academic fields such as informatics, we have established four research systems, "Informatics Principle Research System", "Architecture Science Research System", "Content Science Research System", and "Information Society Correlation Research System", and applied from the basics. We are doing unique research up to. Informatics Principle Research System

In addition to pursuing new principles and theories of informatics such as algorithms and computational complexity theory, artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, etc., we are conducting research with the aim of developing new technologies and developing new fields that will support future society. I am. field of study

Algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, big data analysis, data mining, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, computational science, web informatics, neuroscience, quantum information, and new principles and theories related to these boundary areas, etc. Advanced research that creates possibilities for new applications

Architecture Science Research System

Aiming for higher performance, higher quality, and higher functionality of computers and networks, which are the basic elements of information technology, we are establishing innovative technologies in software and hardware architectures and implementing practical systems. field of study

Research and development on post-Internet, cyber security basics, software / hardware architecture, distributed / cloud computing, programming languages, system performance / log analysis infrastructure, dependent systems, Internet of Things (IoT), network / cloud visualization

Content science research system

Research on content such as symbol media and pattern media and analysis / generation of media, research on basic technology for accumulating / searching / organizing content, research on interaction and social media analysis focusing on humans and knowledge. And so on. field of study

Research and development on the development of natural language processing, computer vision, image processing, acoustic information processing, computer graphics, databases, human interaction, web mining, social media, community analysis, media clone generation / recognition, machine learning / deep learning applications, etc.

Information Society Correlation Research System

In a cyber-physical fusion society where the information world and the real world are integrated and linked, information / system technology for making rational decisions based on scientifically-based data and interdisciplinary human science / social science I am doing a lot of research.

field of study

Privacy Information protection and utilization, next-generation anonymization, data governance, next-generation IR infrastructure theory, data policy theory, data utilization human resource development theory, digital humanity, IT healthcare, data reliability evaluation, cloud sourcing, digital education , Research and development on open innovation infrastructure, and research on humanities and social science related to these topics

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Screenshot (16).png
Screenshot (12).png
Screenshot (21).png

“谷歌”、“IBM”、“微软”、“Facebook”、“腾讯”、英伟达“阿里巴巴”、“百度”“亚马逊” H2O 苹果 华为 京东等


大疆,寒武纪,云知声、依图科技、云从科技、格灵深瞳、旷视科技、推想科技 商汤科技、第四范式、地平线、思必驰、壁仞科技,松鼠 AI,深兰科技,创新奇智,美团,滴滴,搜狐,网易,神州数码等



AI IoT / Big Data 5G / Local 5G xR (AR / VR) Drone Fintech Related Chatbot RPA EC Network Security Cloud (XaaS) / Data Center Collaboration Platform Container / Micro Service Low Code / No Code Development ERP

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We support the decarbonization of the world. I will tell you about the importance of climate change measures such as efforts related to environmental measures.

• Decarbonization

• AI

• Collaborative creation

• Decarbonization

• SDGs

•            Renewable energy 

"Change to a carbon-free society is a new business opportunity" What are the climate change measures required of companies?

• Decarbonization

• SDGs

•            Renewable energy

The following three are exhibited as the only one and number one decarbonization technology that supports the realization of "2050 carbon neutral" and the decarbonization of the world.

• ・ Waste plastic recycling technology (on-the-job / online)

• ・ CO2 separation and recovery technology HiPACT® / DDR zeolite membrane (online)

• ・ Solution for realizing a hydrogen-based society AMUSE® (online)

Collaborative research between Hitachi and our company Development of "monitoring system" to prevent illegal logging in tropical rainforests

• As the “EARTH FOOD CREATOR Nissin Foods Group,” which constantly imagines new food cultures, the Nissin Foods Group aims to solve environmental and social issues. Its representative brand, "Cup Noodles," has been constantly evolving since it was born in Japan in 1971 as the world's first cup noodles. Currently, various technologies and ingenuity for solving environmental and social issues in small products such as the use of containers with a biomass content of 80% or more, the utilization of plant-derived meat substitute technology, and the sustainable procurement of palm oil. It is packed with and delivered to consumers with deliciousness. Under the NISSIN FOODS Group and our collaborative environmental strategy "EARTH FOOD CHALLENGE 2030", effective use of resources and SBT-certified CO2 reduction target (Scope 1 + 2_ vs. 2018 ▲ 30%, Scope 3_ vs. 2018 We will continue to actively tackle environmental issues with the aim of achieving a ratio of ▲ 15%).

The use of hydrogen fuel cells is the most suitable solution for the realization of an energy dispersive society

Tokyo 2020 athlete village site "HARUMI FLAG"

RE100 factory

Utilization of renewable energy is indispensable for the realization of carbon neutrality. However, since renewable energy is an unstable power source, energy storage means are required to adjust supply and demand. Therefore, we are exhibiting a system that can meet small to large-scale energy demand with fuel cells that utilize hydrogen.

At the exhibition

① Supply hydrogen to buildings and residential areas through pipelines

(2) Transport, store and utilize hydrogen to high demand areas

③ Utilize by-product hydrogen generated from chemical factories, etc.

(4) Distributed power source that produces electricity from renewable energy and produces hydrogen from that electricity to utilize it We introduce various methods of utilizing hydrogen using a diorama.

EcoPro Online 2020

Pure hydrogen fuel cell

The future of the earth pioneered by hydrogen

The hydrogen society that Panasonic and our company are aiming for is a society where people can live comfortably without emitting CO2 by locally producing and consuming energy. The city starts to move with hydrogen. Panasonic's pure hydrogen fuel cell supports this.


High power generation efficiency, instant start-up, and power supply even in the event of a power outage

• Achieves the industry's highest power generation efficiency of 56% with an output of 5 kW * 1. We meet the power generation needs of our customers.

* 1 As of October 2020, research

• Can be started in 1 minute. It is useful for peak cuts that require quick response. Also, in the event of a power outage, it is possible to generate electricity using only hydrogen. Contribute to BCP (Business Continuity Plan).

Can be connected to meet various output requests

• By connecting multiple units, it is possible to handle from home use to store to industrial use.

Utilization material HEMIX ™ bioplastic

Chemical recycling technology that realizes resource recycling of plastics

Providing three chemical recycling technologies, monomerization, oiling, and gasification, according to the degree of mixing of waste plastic and impurities. Recycling technology for the right person in the right place

Monomerization: The DMT method is an effective method for recycling clothing polyester and cascade-recycled PET products, which have an advantage in removing dyes and impurities in raw materials and are not suitable for material recycling. We have a track record of commercial scale operations and solve the problem of mass disposal of clothing.

Oil conversion: A technology based on the largest commercial oil conversion equipment in Japan, which uses a catalytic pyrolysis method. Pyrolysis oil is supplied to refineries and chemical plants to realize chemical recycling. Unlike general oleochemical technology, it is possible to treat PVC / PET mixed plastics.

Gasification: EUP gasifies waste plastic by partial oxidation to produce syngas that can be used to synthesize chemicals such as ammonia and olefins. It has the world's only long-term commercial operation record for gasification chemical recycling applications.

Using these three technologies, we can propose processing processes tailored to raw materials and provide various services in the plant life cycle of business planning (raw material procurement / product sales) / license / plant construction / maintenance operation.

Next-generation aviation fuel (SAF) using spent cooking oil

JGC Group and our collaborative research will collaborate with Revo International Co., Ltd. and Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. to hydrogenate used cooking oil and build a supply chain to produce domestically produced SAF (next-generation aviation fuel). We are also working on it. By promoting the domestic production of SAF, which is already in practical use in Europe and the United States, we will contribute to the decarbonization of the domestic aviation industry.

Spread of renewable energy and circular economy by self-consumption solar power generation system

The trump card for the spread of renewable energy! Introduction of development products and business development associated with self-consumption type photovoltaic power generation system

Image of installing solar power generation equipment on the roof and parking space

Inspection of used solar cell module (By visualizing the infrared rays emitted from the cell when an electric current is passed through the solar cell module, the cell is checked for cracks and wiring abnormalities.)

We believe that a "self-consumption photovoltaic power generation system *" that enables the mass introduction of renewable energy is an effective means as a countermeasure against climate change, which is approaching the time limit. (* Hereafter, self-consumption system) The self-consumption system refers to the idea of ​​self-production and self-consumption of electricity, in which solar power generation equipment is installed at home or in-house and the electricity generated there is used by ourselves. Based on the four keywords of "cheap," "mass," "freedom," and "fast," we are developing products and developing businesses that accompany self-consumption systems. In addition, we have been working on the problem of disposal of solar cell modules, which is inevitable due to mass introduction, since 2005, ahead of other companies. We have inspected 140,000 waste modules so far, and based on the vast amount of data, knowledge, and know-how that we have accumulated, we are working to build an appropriate recycling product cycle rather than simply introducing a large amount. increase.

JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and our collaborative research satellite climate change observation efforts

As a core institution for developing Japanese artificial satellites, we are promoting earth observation research and contributing to climate change response.

Figure 1. Earth observation satellite operated by JAXA

Figure 2. JAXA Earth Observation Satellite Contribution to ECV

JAXA develops and operates earth observation satellites capable of observing land, ocean, and atmosphere, and contributes to responding to global issues such as disasters and climate change. Currently, we operate six earth observation satellites, and the observation data obtained from these satellites is used by people all over the world and is open to the public free of charge so that it can be used to solve various problems on the earth.

In order to grasp the situation of climate change, it is necessary to observe various environmental factors "face-to-face", "globally" and "regularly" and extract changes. Contributed to the observation of 26 ECVs among the Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) established internationally for the purpose of concretely and accurately grasping and predicting changes in the global environment due to climate change. I am. Long-term observation data can grasp changes in the global environment due to climate change, and is used in various reports such as the IPCC.

Disseminate the world's only tropical peatland management model to the world with the world's most advanced observation technology and satellite utilization technology

We will contribute to climate change countermeasures by maximizing the original value of tropical peatlands using the world's only know-how and cutting-edge technology.

A tropical peatland reserve managed by Sumitomo Forestry and our company in Indonesia

Concept of tropical peatland management utilizing meteorological observation technology

Tropical peatlands and forests store vast amounts of carbon and conserve the Earth's water cycle and biodiversity. However, overdevelopment and fires are said to have an annual CO2 emission of 2.2 to 3.7 billion tons (equivalent to 6 to 11% of the world's emissions), affecting global climate change. Constructed a water storage type management model in a degraded forest of about 140,000 ha in Indonesia. Accumulate field data for more than 10 years and implement sustainable forest management based on scientific knowledge. Sumitomo Forestry's know-how is combined with IHI's cutting-edge technologies related to satellite, UAV, and meteorological observation. By observing from the sky, monitoring from the ground, and AI analysis, we will provide management technology to disseminate a sustainable tropical peatland management model all over the world and contribute to global climate change countermeasures. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is promoting the use of satellite data such as HISUI, ASTER, and PALSAR, and is supporting the development and worldwide dissemination of this project. In the future, the government, academia and the private sector will aim to improve the observation by satellites in the equatorial orbital region where the world's tropical peatlands can always be observed.

Solution to realize a hydrogen society AMUSE®︎

Possibility of ammonia as a hydrogen carrier

 Green Ammonia Value Chain Demonstration

This is a value chain demonstration that uses green hydrogen derived from renewable energy (photovoltaic power generation) to produce green ammonia, and then uses that ammonia to achieve CO₂-free power generation using an ammonia gas turbine.

Development of green hydrogen / ammonia plant design optimization tool

Renewable energies such as solar power and wind power have different profiles depending on the region and season, and are constantly changing.Therefore, appropriate equipment specifications and capacity design are required for each equipment. Developed.

As a trump card for the realization of a carbon-free society, hydrogen energy is expected to expand its use in the future. It can handle all three major hydrogen carriers (liquefied hydrogen, organic hydride, and ammonia) that are expected to become widespread in the future, and has a great advantage in utilizing hydrogen carriers and ammonia as fuel. We are developing our own solution AMUSE®︎ and bringing together a wide range of technologies inside and outside the company, aiming for the early realization of a hydrogen-based society.

At this exhibition, we will introduce the world's first successful value chain demonstration of green ammonia and the development of an optimum setting tool that responds to fluctuations in renewable energy.

Hydrogen gas turbine technology in collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and our company We will contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society. The large-scale use of hydrogen in gas turbines creates a virtuous cycle of reducing costs and reducing CO2 emissions throughout the hydrogen supply chain.

Conceptual diagram of hydrogen gas turbine and trial calculation result of hydrogen utilization

Zero Carbon Humber / H2H Saltend project overview

We are working on the development of hydrogen gas turbine technology based on the world's highest level of efficiency and reliability of large gas turbine technology. Utilizing our abundant track record and experience of using hydrogen-rich fuel for power generation for half a century, we have already achieved 30% hydrogen co-firing based on existing combustion technology for large gas turbines with low NOₓ and high efficiency. ..

Furthermore, a new combustion method is under development for 100% hydrogen combustion, and it is about to be realized. This combustion method solves the problems caused by the high combustion speed peculiar to hydrogen, and can be applied by making minimal modifications to existing power plant equipment. For example, in the United Kingdom, we are participating in the Zero Carbon Humber project, which aims to decarbonize the large-scale industrial cluster Humber, and are conducting technological studies to convert the Salt end power plant in the area from natural gas to hydrogen.

To realize the world's most efficient hydrogen gas turbine

Strategies for the Realization of a Sustainable Decarbonized Society in Developing Countries

"Promotion of implementation of the Paris Agreement" as a climate change strategy for developing countries

We advocate "promotion of co-benefits-type climate change countermeasures".

In implementing the global agenda

Priority Challenges for Climate Change Countermeasures (Decarbonized and Climate Change-Resistant Urban Development / Infrastructure Investment, Climate Change Policy / Institutional Improvement)

In implementing the global agenda

Priority Challenges for Climate Change Countermeasures (Climate Risk Assessment and Strengthening Adaptation Measures, Conservation of Forests and Natural Ecosystems)

JICA and our company have more than 100 bases in developing countries as JICA Japan's development assistance organization, and provide support that combines (1) loan aid, (2) grant aid, and (3) technical cooperation. In June 2021, the "Global Agenda (Climate Change)" was formulated as a business strategy for climate change countermeasures. We have set up two pillars of our business to realize a society that is decarbonized and resilient to climate change in developing countries.

1. 1. Promotion of implementation of the Paris Agreement

Support for planning and updating climate change countermeasures such as "full implementation of NDC", "monitoring, report formulation" and "long-term strategy formulation" in developing countries

2. Promotion of co-benefits-type climate change measures

Contributing to the achievement of the SDG at the same time as promoting climate change mitigation measures and adaptation measures in the following three areas of strength.

(1) Promotion of urban development and infrastructure development that is low-carbon and decarbonized and resistant to climate change

(2) Strengthening adaptation measures and risk finance based on climate risk assessment

(3) Reduction of GHG emissions and promotion of absorption through strengthening conservation and management of forests and natural ecosystems

Environmentally friendly concrete with CO² emissions of zero or less "CO²-SUICOM"

"CO²-SUICOM" is a technology that absorbs carbon dioxide in the process of solidifying concrete and fixes it semi-permanently.

CO²-SUICOM is a technology that can contribute to the reduction of CO² emissions of approximately 300 kg / m³ or more during general concrete manufacturing. Specifically, (1) By replacing more than half of the cement with industrial waste or a special admixture that utilizes industrial waste that emits zero CO² as part of the raw material, the CO² emitted during cement manufacturing can be significantly reduced. (Reduction amount: approx. 200 kg / m³), ​​and by curing concrete using this special admixture in a high-concentration CO² environment (carbonation curing), a large amount of CO² is absorbed and fixed to the concrete. (Absorption amount: Approximately 100 kg / m³). According to various research organizations (Mckinsey, etc.), concrete absorption and fixing technology for minerals including CO²-SUICOM is expected to contribute to CO² reduction of about billions of tons as of 2030, and emissions throughout Japan. It has the potential to exceed the amount.

CO²-SUICOM is the world's first successful commercialized technology to reduce CO² emissions during concrete production to virtually zero or less.

In Japan, it has already been used for construction of the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway and paved roads, etc., and we are proceeding with commercialization overseas. For the purpose of contributing to a carbon-free society, Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc., Kajima Corporation, Denka Landes, and Mitsubishi Corporation are in charge of technology, and Mitsubishi Corporation is mainly in charge of commercialization overseas.

CO²-SUICOM technology makes it possible to reduce CO² with one concrete block, which is equivalent to one year's worth of cedar trees. Realizing the world's sustainable society by transforming the common sense of concrete, which is one of the most consumed materials in the world, and decarbonizing infrastructure and urban development around the world with the power of CO²-SUICOM. I think that I want to do it.

Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

Kajima Corporation

Denka Co., Ltd.

Landes Co., Ltd.

Collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation

Collaborative research and development with Seven & i

Open innovation through co-creation with Seven & i business partners

-Challenge to carbon neutral and circular economy

 Environmental Declaration "GREEN CHALLENGE 2050"

The Environmental Declaration "GREEN CHALLENGE 2050" sets the goal of reducing CO2 emissions associated with the operation of the Group's stores by 50% by 2030 (compared to FY2013) and virtually zero by 2050. It is difficult for us to achieve our goals by ourselves, and we are promoting open innovation initiatives through co-creation with our business partners.

Of these, (1) 100% renewable energy store initiatives that utilize reused batteries and original storage batteries for electric vehicles, and (2) PET bottle collection / recycling initiatives that use recovery machines that can also be installed at convenience stores.

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Screenshot (32).png
Screenshot (35).png
Screenshot (39).png


Screenshot (40).png
Screenshot (1).png
Screenshot (2).png
Screenshot (3).png
Screenshot (4).png

Guo Long

Computer Science

Professor of Oxford  University
Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University

Professor, IEEE Fellow

Associate Chair

NSFC Distinguished Young Scholar

Top Computer Science Scientists

Director of Tsinghua-CAE Joint Research Center for Knowledge & Intelligence

Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG),

Department of Computer Science,

oxford University


Office: Oxford, OX1 2JD, United Kingdom, LCFI research Lab

University of Oxford
United Kingdom

Top Computer Science Scientists

Andrew Zisserman research Lab

University of Oxford
United Kingdom

Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University

1-308, FIT Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084. China PR.



I am a Full Professor and the Associate Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Technology of oxford University. I obtained my Ph.D. Rhodes Scholarship  Clarendon Fund scholarships  Pacific Alliance Oxford Scholarships  in DCST Visiting Professor of of Tsinghua University in 2006. My research interests include artificial intelligencedata mining, social networks machine learning and knowledge graph, with an emphasis on designing new algorithms for mining social and knowledge networks.

2017 - The Royal Society Milner Award In recognition of his exceptional achievements in computer programming which includes work on computational theory and commercial systems for geometrical images.

2008 - BMVA Distinguished Fellow

2007 - Fellow of the Royal Society (UK) In recognition of his exceptional achievements in computer programming which includes work on computational theory and commercial systems for geometrical images

I have been visiting scholar at Cornell University (working with Prof. John Hopcroft and Jon Kleinberg), University of Southampton (working with Dame Wendy Hall), KU Leuven (working with Marie-Francine Moens), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (short term, working with Jiawei Han), Chinese University of Hong Kong (working with Jeffrey Yu), and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (working with Qiong Luo). During my graduate career, I have been an intern at NLC group of Microsoft Research Asia from 2004 to 2005. I also have attended the internship program of IBM China Research Lab in 2004.

I have published more than 200 journal/conference papers and hold 20 patents. I served as PC Co-Chair of CIKM’16WSDM’15, Associate General Chair of KDD’18, and Acting Editor-in-Chief of ACM TKDD, Editors of IEEE TKDEIEEE TBD, and ACM TIST. I am leading the project for academic social network analysis and mining, which has attracted more than 10 million independent IP accesses from 220 countries/regions in the world. I was honored with the UK Royal Society-Newton Advanced Fellowship AwardCCF Young Scientist AwardNSFC for Distinguished Young Scholar, and KDD’18 Service Award.


I am recently working on representation learning on networks, social network mining, academic knowledge graph and AI driven MOOCs.

Representation Learning on Networks   [GNN&Self-supervised Learning] [HPC Online Talk on GNN & Reasoning] [ADL Online Talk on GNN & Reasoning] [GNN&Cognitive Graph] [Cognitive Graph] [GNN&Reasoning] [Talk at Brain-and-AI] [Talk at WeBank] [Keynote at CNCC'19 Forum] [Keynote at ASONAM'19] [Keynote at KDD'19 DL Day] [Keynote at KDDFeed'19] [Talk at KDD China'19] [Tutorial at WWW'19]  [Tutorial]


Social Network / Data Mining / Machine Learning


TALKS   Go Top

  • Keynote about Representation Learning on Networks to be given at ASONAM'19

  • Keynote about AI driven MOOCs given at EDM'17

  • Invited talk about academic knowledge graph given at WSDM'16

  • Keynote about social network mining given at SocInfo'15


Guo Long

Osaka University of Arts Design Main Course

Video creator expertise in animation, live-action, CG integrated video production, Metaverse expertise, game production / CG / illustration / animation / novel / esports expertise and hardware / software development manager, UI, UX design, design Manager, game production, CG, illustration, animation, novel, esports, practical experience of web design (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) Basic knowledge of coding such as HTML, CSS, etc. , Content experience for games and entertainment industry, human resources, site design experience related to manufacturers, creative director, art director, editorial designer, WEB designer, graphic designer, illustrator, character designer, goods designer, etc., creative director, video Experience as a director, photographer, editorial engineer, video producer, movie director / video creator, lighting engineer, etc., video production using After Effects 3DCG software can handle (3DSMAX, MAYA, etc.) Good at designing characters and logos that can draw picture content With experience, engaged in proposal sales, and extensive knowledge of various business fields, expertise such as new and accelerating business consulting is effectively provided. I would like to play an active role in a field that makes use of my specialized knowledge. For more than 5 years from graduating from university to the present, consistent hardware of our company and other companies' products for game animation, software SI, animation, broadcasting business, advertising business, medical institution / retail business, etc.・ Engaged in software development PM, design design PM, proposal sales, etc. He has experienced new businesses for new and existing customers and is currently managing his subordinates as a team leader.

Ability to build relationships of trust with partners

What we have strengthened in design development design sales is to make it as concrete as possible. We strengthened the creation of a system that makes people want to sell by conducting education (holding product explanation seminars), supplying sales promotion tools, designing, developing and designing sales. In 2020, we took five years to propose system replacement design development design sales to a major company together with design development design sales, and succeeded in introducing it.

・ Management ability

Both team and individual play can lead the surroundings to achieve the budget in a limited period and deadline. In order to strengthen the design, development and design sales capabilities of our subordinates, we held monthly study sessions (industry / product knowledge, presentation methods, etc.) by inviting those in charge of technology and those with high sales performance in other departments. Also, what I have been conscious of in order to raise the motivation of my subordinates is "to accurately convey expectations and share awareness" and "to pursue results so that I can become a model myself". As a result, all members were able to create a team structure that they could think and move on their own, and all 14 subordinates succeeded in achieving their annual goals.

work experience

2017.03-Currently   UFOTABLE

 Participated in the production and development of UFO Table Ghost Slayer Noblade in Japan, and was in charge of integrated video production for animation, reality programs, and CG. He is engaged in internet work and mobile content creation. (It works on a variety of websites, videos, systems, etc.) Content utilizes CG and VR technology in a variety of applications, systems, videos, etc., as well as paper media and websites. It is useful for inheriting cultural properties. Participate in the development and distribution of cashless applications, collaborate with prominent people to create website pages and promote a variety of content such as corporate products. In addition, participate in upstream processes such as planning. We also identified issues and made plans from a brand-building perspective to make the website pages easier to read. In order to protect the cultural properties of the area, we were able to complete problem solving and visualization using VR.

 Planning, development and introduction of payment applications with cashless functions.

 Customer official SNS management and planning and management of famous talent contents. We also handle a large number of contents that utilize VR, AR, CG technology, etc. We will work with internal and external creators and expert groups to promote DX. Let's work on the project with various people by utilizing the connection of the printing department, system leader, external designer, website coder, CG creator and so on. Manages about 10 to 15 members of the project. It's not just coaching according to the client's wishes. I gave advice from the planning stage. Use the Unity 3D engine for VR game development. Maintain good communication with planning and art to ensure that program functionality matches design requirements. , Ensure code quality and operational efficiency, and continue to optimize project functionality and code. We support efficient establishment. Continuous improvement and optimization of game content production process and standards, toolchain. Experience in Unity game development, complete Unity3D project experience, familiar with C #, familiar with Lua, good programming habits, strong learning ability, skilled in reading technical documents in English A strong analysis and problem-solving ability, a deep understanding of rendering is prioritized, and familiarity with technologies such as OpenGL, DirectX, Metal and Vulkan is recommended. VR game

 2018.07 --2020.04  TikTok

The head of the machine learning technology team at ByteDance, a small business, has created the best platform for enjoying TikTok content. Our aim is to provide a place of joy and inspiration by informing people of different languages, cultures and borders. In recent years, we have been aggressively expanding into Asia such as Japan, Europe and the United States. Currently, we have established subsidiaries in major cities around the world and are developing TikTok-centric applications in 150 countries. With the development of updated products and solutions, product R & D team leaders, brand designer team leaders, PSO team leaders, teams of over 50 people, and TikTok for Business advertising solutions fall into three categories. .. It's performance, brand, measurement. Product Strategy and Operations (PSO) is the department responsible for promoting product market development strategies (market development strategies). We introduced Tik Tok for Business solutions to advertisers, from functional operational support to working with project teams to resolve product improvement issues. There are also suggestions from customers on the side. Therefore, Chinese, Japanese and English are required. UX Research / UX Design / PdM Work Experience, Use Unity3D Engine for VR Game Development, Maintain Good Communication with Planning and Art to ensure program features match design requirements. We will continue to optimize your project by ensuring code quality and operational efficiency. Feature and code tweaks; help establish efficient game content production processes and standards, and continually improve and optimize the toolchain. Experience in Unity game development, complete Unity3D project experience, familiar with C #, familiar with Lua, good programming habits, strong learning ability, skilled in reading technical documents in English Prioritizes strong analysis and problem-solving capabilities, a deep understanding of rendering, and familiarity with technologies such as OpenGL, DirectX, Metal, and Vulkan. Experience in VR game development, etc.

[Business description]

 ■ Media planning, editing and writing

 ■ Orientation for external writers

■ Shooting direction

■ Production of joint advertisement

 ■ Management work, etc. ・ Editing experience on web media ・ Editing experience on print media ・ Teaching experience of an external writer ・ Shooting instruction experience ・ Experience in making partner items Internet marketing consulting This can be a daunting task, but it can be rewarding as it often depends on the client's budget, KPI settings, and execution. We do everything from upstream to downstream in network marketing such as advertising, SEO, LPO and lead generation. We also provide recruitment and sales consulting to solve customers' worries.

■ Operation of own media (affiliated site) Business content 1. Solve creators' problems and provide higher quality posts 2. In cooperation with overseas teams, propose service improvement proposals for the development of creator ecology 3. Create an FAQ portal that will be available to team members and authors. 4. Work with customer support to build an efficient inquiry response process 5. Discover insights into service improvement from consultation and lead to actual improvement 6. Plan business improvements for the entire team to effectively carry out the above tasks. [Business description] Responsible for content strategies closely related to application development. 1. Formulation of TikTok content strategy 2. Planning and implementation of hashtag challenges 3. Planning and implementation of cooperation plans with external media 4. Develop and execute strategies to optimize TikTok's

 UI / UX

2018.07 --2020.04  Baidu

Metaverse Rare pot development

Worked as a business contract

Metaverse development

XR application development

AR app development for HoloLens 2 & iPad Pro

Virtual space service development

It is a role that is comprehensively involved in the design part in content development for Oculus Quest and development work.

Design (including UI / UX) and production (including ordering direction to subcontractors and partner companies) for VR / AR / MR / VTuber applications that are outsourced and developed in-house.

Design aspect design (including UI / UX) production in VR / AR / MR R & D, designer or artist (2D, 3D), XR (VR / AR / MR) application development, game engine (Unity or Unreal Engine 4) Content development using ・ 3D modeling using Maya, Blendr, etc. ・ Planning, outsourcing management, direction, plug-in, tool development such as SDK, etc.

2018.07 --2020.04 Game industry Tencent、NetEase、Perfect World

Work as a business consignment

Design director, game production, CG, illustration, animation, novel, esports, design work (about 35 production members) Work as a business consignment

Participated in game planner / game planning / game creator, game creator (planner / designer / PG / debug), in charge of engineer / designer / planner / director

 Training experience

2021.08-2022.01 Metaverse Training institution: Meta

2021.08-2022.01 C4D animation Training institution: UFOtable

 2021.04-2022.01 AE, PS, PR

Training institution: adobe Certificate 2021.02 Adobe Certified Professional

NFT(Non-Fungible Token)

  • 1.企画プロモーション事業


  • 2.メタバース製品開発・NFT製品開発事業


  • 3.新規事業開発事業



We AreScience and Technology Society
HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been working on high-quality and original technology development by utilizing the technology and know-how built up at Cambridge University, MIT University oxford University, Harvard University, The University of Tokyo and Osaka University. In order to provide safe and convenient products, we have obtained many patents related to DX cutting-edge technology and development such as AIoT 5G blockchain quantum computing XR, AR, VR, etc., and will continue to be an "ICT company" ICT area (main areas: Fintech, communication [ AR / VR], security, media content, Bigdata, cloud, IoT / drone, marketing / advertising, medical / healthcare, robotics, power / battery, AI, Enterprise, education New energy industry (battery-related) battery (storage battery, hydrogen)・ We will continue to develop and evolve as (fuel cells, etc.) and battery materials / components, etc.). By field (environment / energy, life science, system / information science and technology, nanotechnology / materials), hardware / software development using cutting-edge technology, demonstration experiments, research and development / operation / sales of prototype products, by field ( Environment / Energy, Life Sciences, Systems / Information Science and Technology, Nanotechnology / Materials) State-of-the-art Research Development 


CEO YuHongHong 于红红
Certified accountant Tax accountant, patent attorney, labor and social security attorney, artificial intelligence researcher

Tsinghua University Visiting Professor
Born in 1970, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Harvard University, 35 years of management and cutting-edge science and technology experience .currently the head of NTT DATA P
M, a researcher of artificial intelligence, a scholar of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a regular member of the JSAI Society for Artificial Intelligence, a member of IEEE, a member of SIGIR, a member of the CAAI China Artificial Intelligence Association, a member of the AAA1 International Artificial Intelligence Association, British Artificial Intelligence A member of the ACM, a member of the Chinese Society for Artificial Intelligence, and his main research fields are ERP consulting, cloud technology, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence specialists, computer vision, multimedia technology, machine learning, etc.

He is a visiting professor of machine learning at Tsinghua University. Fusion with technology megatrends, state-of-the-art analytical technology includes government / local government, education / medical / healthcare, finance, manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications / broadcasting, construction / real estate, electricity / gas / water, networking, pharmaceuticals Used in agriculture, retail, manufacturing, transportation, sports, aerospace, advertising, IOT, ICT and other industries. Harvard Business School Visiting Professor, Tsinghua University Computer Science Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo Visiting Professor, Osaka University Visiting Professor, Kyoto University Visiting Professor, China Science and Technology Association, Jiangsu Province Z Jiang Provincial Government Organized Contest Category A Wins First Prize Large Health Industry: Biomedical, medical equipment, smart medicine, health management, etc. received the highest award in Category A. ERP Blockchain Cloud Technology Big Data Artificial Intelligence-related fields (not limited to the field of voice processing including various fields of artificial intelligence) won the highest award in the patented product competition, Ali, Tencent, Huawei and other contracts And reached a number of contracts. AI x 5G Face Brushing has become the mainstream payment method, WYSIWYG, Short Video AI Animation x 5G, AR VR and 3D, Intelligent Driving, Finance, 5G Remote Medicine 5G AI Medicine, Intelligent Driving Intelligent Business Intelligent Medical Public Security 5G robots 5G materials, semiconductors, sports, entertainment and other technologies are our mainstream technologies, separation and purification, innovative pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chip design, quantum dot display, multi-touch, nanomicrospheres, low carbon World-leading intelligent driving, smart manufacturing, robotics, and smart medical with key technologies for nanomaterials. Face and human body analysis technology, SLAM and 3D vision, general and professional image recognition, robot control and sensing, large-scale video understanding and mining, image and video processing to enhance medical image analysis, artificial intelligence computing Platform, AI supercomputing platform, self-developed training framework, AI high-performance storage High-performance heterogeneous computing software and hardware combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms and chip design capabilities Design and develop high-performance, low-cost, low-power edge artificial intelligence chips and solutions to openly enhance your partners. For intelligent driving and AIoT, we can provide edge-to-edge AI chips with ultra-cost performance, extreme power efficiency, open toolchains, rich algorithm model samples, and comprehensive activation services. Today, BPUs (Brain Processing Units) based on innovative artificial intelligence-specific computing architectures are being streamed successfully. China's first edge artificial intelligence processor-a system focused on intelligent driving and a system focused on AIoT. And it has been commercialized on a large scale. Member Science Agency of the British Association of Artificial Intelligence and the Technical Committee of the British House of Representatives (Science and Technology Committee of the House of Representatives) British Council on Artificial Intelligence Open Data Institute (ODI) Alan Turing Institute, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, London Including EPSRC Association of Universities, University of Oxford

State-of-the-art technology for AI, IoT, RPA, OCR-AI, ERP, cloud, big data, blockchain, ICT, 5G, 3D, AR, VR, iCLIP, core industrial software, core algorithms, neutrinos, government / local governments Education / Medical / Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Communications / Broadcasting, Construction / Real Estate, Electricity / Gas / Water, Networks, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Sports, Aerospace, Advertising, IOT, ICT and Other industries

IEEE, NIPS, ICML, COLT, CVPR, ICCV, ECVC, IJCAI, AAAI, UAI, KDD, SIGIR, WWW, ACL, PAMI, IJCV, JMLR, AIJ have been published more than 100 times. 

CPA office

CTO Guo Long国龙

Certified accountant Tax accountant, patent attorney, labor and social security attorney, artificial intelligence researcher
Oxford University  Professor、doctor.

10 years of management and cutting-edge science and technology experience .currently the head of NTT  North American Laboratories PM

Born in 1995, Ph.D. in Computer Science, The University of Cambridge 

Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence,LCFI

Guo Long, born in July 1995, is a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a full member of the JSAI artificial intelligence society, an IEEE member, a SIGIR member, a CAAI member of the Chinese artificial intelligence society, and a member of the AAA1 international artificial intelligence society. Member of ACM, British Artificial Intelligence China Member of ACM CAAI Member of China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association

The main research areas include ERP consulting, cloud technology, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence experts, computer vision, multimedia technology and machine learning. Dr. Cambridge Professor Oxford University

Guolong The University of Cambridge PhD